I’d like to lead off with a word of thanks for my husband Buddy. I was having trouble both in arranging our coming homeschool year and deciding on a focus for this blog. Buddy suggested I kill two birds with one stone and work on my philosophy of education first. […]

The Nature of Education (Part 1)

A little bit ago, a friend of mine asked for some resources about homeschooling since she and her husband were looking into how they were going to educate their child. I put together some resources that I thought might help. It then occurred to me that others may also benefit […]

Advice to potential homeschoolers

(This will be my last introductory post because I think the “where”, “when”, and “how” will be answered in my posts from here on out.) Why you are homeschooling is an important thing to figure out when you’re first starting out on your homeschooling journey. It will help you keep […]

Why do we homeschool?

One of the first questions a new homeschooler faces is which of the “schools” of homeschooling you are. Depending on where you look there are 5 or 6 different ones: Charlotte Mason, classical, unschooling/delight directed, unit study, eclectic, and traditional. When I was just starting out researching homeschooling I agonized […]

What “school” of homeschooling are we?

This time I’ll be introducing you to our family. My name is Margaret McLaren. The biggest thing that defines my life is my faith in God and Jesus. I adore being outdoors and really enjoy outdoor activities, even if it’s just sitting outside enjoying the weather. Some of my top […]

Who is in our homeschool?

Welcome to my blog!   I wanted to give everyone a short summary of what you can expect to find here. This blog will be about our family’s homeschool primarily, but it will also feature asides about me and the things I do for fun. I figure those things are […]

Our educational life